Storm Damage Restoration In Pompano Beach

Storms are more than just scary sounds and frightening flashes of light. They can leave an even scarier aftermath of destruction in your home. When mother nature wreaks havoc on your home, make your first call to storm damage restoration Pompano Beach experts, Pompano Beach Restoration.

Effects of Water Damage

Standing water doesn’t just produce superficial changes in your home. Yes, water can create unattractive effects by discoloring walls and ceilings. Dampened furniture and carpet can become too saturated and impossible to clean. It can also produce a musty smell that can be difficult to alleviate.

Water can also seriously alter your home. Water constantly searches for dry surfaces to penetrate. So, if left untreated, it will soak into subfloors and wick up walls. The water damage can end up affecting several rooms and floors, which can eventually compromise the structure of your home. Also, warm and damp environments are the perfect breeding ground for mold. A home affected by mold can easily become uncontrollable and can require a professional team for costly remediation.

Why Choose Pompano Beach Restoration?

The professionals at Pompano Beach Restoration are qualified and trained experts. They are also certified, if applicable. Plus, we take good care of our employees to make sure they take good care of you. We use extra efforts to keep our employees healthy, happy and well compensated.

We understand the importance of time when dealing with disasters. We know how quickly water spreads and ruins more and more of your belongings. We always strive to renovate instead of replacing, so it’s our goal to have things quickly repaired. We know your time is also a valuable possession, so we will always be on time for our appointments. Plus, we have quality work at competitive pricing, so it’s one less thing you have to worry about.

Our Services

Pompano Beach Restoration is not only a trained storm damage restoration expert. We can also respond to fire damage, including smoke damage, odors and other harmful results from the fire. We can complete mold remediation as well if the water in your home has resulted in infection. Our services are available for residential homes and commercial businesses. No job is too big or too small.

We are also a carpet cleaning company to help you after your restoration is complete, or just for everyday home upkeep. We use only natural chemicals to clean your home, so you know it will be treated safely and effectively. We will not only get your home looking its best but smelling great too.

Do you have standing water in your home? Call on Pompano Beach Restoration for all of your storm damage restoration needs in Pompano Beach, Florida. We also serve the surrounding areas. Contact us to have our professional team get your home back in working order. We can also come out and give you a free estimate on your damage. Let Pompano Beach Restoration ease your mind and fix your home.