Mold Remediation In Pompano Beach

Mold Contamination Can Cause a Variety of Health Problems

When property owners have mold in a building, it is essential to have it removed as quickly as possible to prevent additional damage to drywall, electrical wiring or insulation. In addition, it is dangerous to breathe mold contamination because it can lead to numerous health problems that include:

• Watery and itchy eyes
• Respiratory distress
• Skin rashes
• Sinus problems
• Mental confusion
• Lung disorders

If someone is older or is immunosuppressed, he/she is more likely to suffer from additional medical problems caused by the exposure to mold. There are several species of mold, and our mold remediation, Pompano Beach, company is able to test a building’s air and surfaces to plan a cleanup.

How Our Company Tests for Mold Contamination

We have several types of tests to find mold while identifying its species. Our methods include:

• Swab – used for collecting a sample from drywall or wood
• Bulk – testing a sample of insulation or drywall
• Surface – dust or tape sampling
• Air – interior and exterior air sampling

The best way to determine if a building has mold is by using multiple testing methods.

Mold Is Often Growing In Difficult to See Areas

Our clients might have mold in a building that is not visible, but it still causes health problems. When the residents in a building are suffering from the symptoms of mold exposure, we can use testing devices to learn where the contamination is located. Mold is often hidden underneath a building’s carpets or behind baseboards. In some cases, a pipe in a kitchen might have a tiny leak that is causing moisture inside a building’s walls or underneath cabinets. If one of our technicians tears away a section of drywall or removes a baseboard, then there is often fuzzy or slimy mold that is easy to see.

We Must Improve a Building’s Air Circulation and Humidity Level

Property owners who have never requested a mold cleanup will want to know what we do to remove the contamination. Our goal is to improve the conditions in a building to get rid of humidity and increase air circulation. Mold thrives in moist, humid and dark conditions such as attics. We will install air circulating devices and dehumidifiers to prevent additional mold growth. If a building has a broken water pipe or leaking roof, then we arrange a repair to keep walls, ceilings, and floors dry.

Our Company Has Certified Technicians Who Understand How to Remove Mold

If there is mold growing on some surfaces such as floor tiles, then it is better to replace the materials. However, our technicians can use extraction machines, scrubbing devices and cleansers to remove some types of mold from surfaces. When a property owner needs to hire a mold removal company, it is important to call us because our technicians are certified. We have the equipment and cleaners required for removing mold growth safely to keep the contamination from spreading to additional areas of a building.